Why Do Gas Packs Have a Shorter Life than Split Systems?

March 24th, 2016

Atlanta area homeowners considering the purchase of a gas pack, or gas packaged unit, will want to know how long they last. The short answer is that a gas pack can be expected to last for 8-12 years, possibly longer, while standard split systems commonly last from 12-20 years.

In this Atlanta HVAC Guide article, let’s take a look at the main reasons that gas packs have a shorter life than split systems. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to learn that all of them are a result of the unit being outside. In addition to learning why they don’t last quite as long as split systems, we’ll also try to cover some basic things you can do to extend the life of your gas pack.

Enemies of Package Units

Corrosion is a larger factor with gas packs. While the cabinets do a good job of keeping rain directly off parts that are prone to corrosion, the more humid outside conditions we have in Atlanta, will take their toll over time. When key system parts like the burner or the heat exchanger in the built-in furnace begin to rust, they become inefficient and frankly, dangerous, causing energy bills to rise and the overall safety of your family to be at risk! They also weaken and eventually fail altogether.

Dirt and debris build up in gas packs. Fine grit gets into moving parts and causes them to wear faster. Blower motors, for example, are susceptible to failure sooner in gas packs than in traditional split system gas furnaces.

In addition to this, bugs, spiders, ants and all those wonderful insects and outdoor critters build small and hard to see nests in the little corners and covered panels on the system.

Getting the Greatest Durability from your Gas Pack

If you want to get the maximum lifespan from your gas pack, the key is to keep it maintained. Having an HVAC professional give it an annual checkup is essential. There is a long list of maintenance items to be performed that will help it run with highest efficiency as well as greatest durability. The list includes, but is not limited to: cleaning the coils, lubricating moving parts, clearing the condensate line of debris, cleaning the burner, checking for refrigerant leaks, and checking for signs of corrosion or wear.

In addition to annual maintenance for your packaged unit, you should make sure you wash down and rinse off the entire gas pack after each lawn mowing. This will help keep clippings and other debris off the coils and help it run more efficiently for longer lasting performance!

The average warranty covers the parts of the gas pack for 5 years. Some may have a longer heat exchanger warranty on the internal gas furnace. That makes it critical to have the system maintained prior to the five-year point so that any problems with it can be covered by the warranty. Minor problems that may not be affecting the performance of the gas pack yet can be identified and corrected. If you wait until the warranty has expired, those repairs won’t be covered.

As is common with every kind of HVAC repair or replacement, ALWAYS get more than 1 quote for the work. It could save you thousands of dollars!

Conclusion, and Your Feedback

Most gas packs can be expected to last for 8-12 years. With proper maintenance, yours might exceed that life span by several years. Take good care of a gas pack by hiring an HVAC technician to maintain it, and it will take care of heating and air conditioning your Atlanta home for a longer period of time

Tell us, how long did your Atlanta home gas pack last for you, and what finally made you decide to replace it?

The Top Three Tips for House Training Your Poopy Puppy

May 21st, 2015

House Training

(i.e., housebreaking) is the crucial first step in puppy training simply because it will ensure that both you and your new friend(s) will continue to enjoy your time together. This is a huge commitment, so you and your family, and/or other caretakers of your pet, need to understand that you are all in this together.

  1. Prevent Mistakes: The key to properly doing house training is to understand that you are simply trying to prevent mistakes and to establish the habit of only doing what they need to do outside. It is not a race between you and him, and to be honest, from their point of view, as long as it is not near its food or bed, everywhere else is fair game.
  2. Be Patient: You have to be patient, and strive to reinforce that outside is the only fair game and it helps to have the puppy get used to sleeping in a crate. Their nature will not let them soil the area where they sleep, so they will quickly learn that inside the crate is not fair game.
  3. Be Consistent: Time the trips outside to a schedule and keep to it, no matter what – first thing in the morning, after every meal (we go about 45 minutes after eating; it may be different for your dog and you should take notice for better success), and before bed time. Be consistent! Make each trip a fun experience -no yelling. If they are not successful in peeing or pooping outside on a scheduled trip, it can help to bring them in and re-crate them for about 10  minutes and try again.

Also, unless you are catching them in the act, they will not connect a reprimand with accidents in the house.  Sticking their nose in their excrement is not only cruel, but is meaningless to them.  If you see your pooch starting to sniff the ground and/or walking around in circles or suddenly stop an activity, get them OUT!  Even if they begin to “go” you can say, “Stop!” or “No!” and get them outside asap.

If they are consistently having accidents in the same place, a trick is to put some kibble on the floor so they avoid that spot as a place to “go” and think of it as a place to eat.

It has been our experience that housebreaking two dogs can be a bit more challenging than housebreaking one pup.  While both Max and Henri are definitely able to hold their bladder for a good period of time and don’t pee in the house anymore (rule of thumb is about an hour for every month old they are; i.e., 6 months old, 6 hours of retention time), Henri is a bit more advanced in the other area of housebreaking; i.e., pooping.

For all intents and purposes, Henri is no longer a poopy puppy.  Max, on the other hand, is not as consistent as Henri but is getting the hang of going to the door.  If he has an accident at this point, I feel that it is also our fault for not sticking to the schedule or picking up on their signals.

It’s a learning process for both dog and owner.  Be patient and be prepared with a stain and odor Remover.  We have had great success with Nature’s Miracle® which is safe and really works on all surfaces.

The bottom line really is to be consistent and heavily reward your dog for going outside.  This message does get through eventually and when it does, both you and your pet will feel very accomplished.

Sandra for the Food Tip!

May 21st, 2015

Our pups are notorious for their changing taste in food.  Like so many before them, not to mention my own child, they like their treats but need their nutrition.  We have tried chicken broth, which worked for one but not so much the other; also, wet kibble, dry kibble, warm water, cool water, Cheerios in the bowl, etc.

As it happens, I tweeted out for some solutions and my Twitter friend, Sandra March, tweeted back with a great suggestion to boil ground turkey and mix it in with the kibble.  Her dog is also picky and this works for her.

So far, so good.  They love the turkey and it’s a LEAN protein, so we’re minimizing the fat in their diet as well.   Just a little mixed in with the kibble is a great addition to their diet and they licked the bowl clean!

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Energy Education Needs for the Future

May 15th, 2015

Planning and developing energy for the future will demand greater emphasis on education. Innovation will continue to be major driver as new energy sources, increases in efficiency and different approaches for managing energy are pursued and developed. Research will also contribute toward the development of new approaches as energy exploration, discovery and implementation begin to take root in forms. The training and education needs for a 21st century energy sector will be diverse and expanded, venturing into places that we have not been traditionally associated with energy.

The writing is on the wall and most of us can decipher that energy is emerging as a primary sector with changing economic times and social patterns for consumers. While it is anticipated that energy use is going to continue to grow as the population expands, the sources of energy and how consumers will be managing their personal energy consumption is changing. It is difficult to see large, if any, drop in overall energy demand. A more likely scenario is expected to pursue alternative forms of energy in addition to oil, coal and gas. Wind, solar, bioenergy as well as wave and tidal sources are growing in use. Many people expect nuclear energy will also be a major contributor to overall worldwide energy supply.

Research is not new to the energy industry. Large financial investments have always been present in exploration, chemical and infrastructure areas. But interest and demand is growing on the consumption side of the equation as organisations begin to see that more energy efficient infrastructure, processes and goods can contribute significant energy savings. To achieve these goals requires investments in education.

Innovation and research are tightly linked to education. There is no mystery that some of the most productive products and services in the world are developed through a well-educated and highly motivated workforce that understands how energy is found, developed and created, as well as how it is consumed.

Bioenergy, for example, is dependent upon a workforce that understands how climate factors link to the growth and development of suitable energy crops and cropping systems, then how energy can be extracted from these biological resources, used to produce energy and transported for consumption. In practice this requires a trained and educated workforce that is multi-discplinary and capable of understanidng system processes that re-cycle and re-occur over and over again.

The entire carbon trade debate rests on the idea that landscape areas and the processes originating from them, can be managed and understood through the linkage of economic models to energy producing sources over space and time. As has been menioned previously in this column, the scale at which these processes arise and how these models are integrated into the wider trading systems upon which they rest, can and will likely mean that a workforce in one part of the world must balance operations and processes against other geographical areas around the globe. Suddenly these trading spaces have moved from localised spreadsheets to international tally’s of a more holistic nature.

From the agricultural field to the tiidal buoy crossing international boundaries, the demands for more brainpower and understanding are in high demand and growing. The computing tools that connect people, for exmaple, are no longer sourced and sharing information within and between organisations from the top, but more closely to the bottom where consumers and businesses inter-connect. Customers and consumers are now empowered with the tools to communicate and socialize across all dimensions of an organisation.

It is an exciting time to be in the energy industry because it is being reshaped and adjusted upon new models of operation. Although investors may remain wary in the financial markets, the technology sides of energy are continuing to explore, expand and are growing new knowledge and awareness as these new dynamics take root.

These changes can be found from the designers of new buildings and infrastructure for energy purposes to understanidng how changing populations are using energy and even producing it. Change will continue and new energy models will continue to develop. The focus is upon energy today and new talent with creative knowledge will support the changes ahead.

How to get out of debt

May 12th, 2015

For years, I have had a loan debt hovering over me. Whenever I try to pay it back, they pressure me into paying more. I am scared because it has kept me back in many ways. I don’t know how I’m going to pay it off or what to do.

Supporting Actions:

Any other ideas people may have.

Background Information:

This debt came from my university years. I tried to pay it back once and had a regular montly payment system going but the collectors claimed they didn’t receive it for several months so I stopped paying. That was a long time ago. I have been hoping for a financial windfall to get this burden off my back but I really don’t know what to do.

Sometimes we lose the plot

May 12th, 2015


Bart, 10,000 Thoughts is a very cool site. I like the idea, I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill about two years ago when I was broke sitting in a hostel in Cordoba Argentina. It talks about intention and magnifying your thoughts or ideas until they become real. So I will tell you my story and maybe you’ll get a kick out of it.

I’m 24 now, and I run an Internet company…But before all this happened I was in a pretty terrible state… This “book” or way of thought, helped me overcome so many things it was amazing. The things I have accomplished in the last two years are what the old me would call impossible.

So the background story: I’m from Scottsdale Arizona, I used to study economics at ASU, but honestly I was a horrible student. I studied for three years trying to get into the WP Cary school of business inside of Arizona State University. Looking back, I gave it a half-assed effort, I partied, I met a girl who was horrible for me, smoked a lot of pot, and failed my Spanish class 4 times… dropping my GPA to 2.0 which was never going to get me into my economics program. Well.. needless to say I didn’t make it. A few years later and so much drama you would not believe passed and all of sudden I found myself working a hot-dog cart with an uncle at night, and a sales job at a retail cell phone store during the day… I hated my life, I was heart broken after breaking up with the girl I met in collage and spent 3 years with, my parents got divorced and moved to separate parts of the city… I hate cell-phones, everything was wrong, my little world had fallen apart big time. I honestly felt like a complete failure, and had no idea what to do about it.

Then something crazy happened, a friend from high school called me out of the blue one day after I just got off work. This friend is one of those amazing people who right away knows what they want and are not afraid to chase it. When we got out of HS he went to race cars. He races for BMW now, but on the day he called me he was in Spain racing for Toyota. We talked for a bit and he asked me about my life… and I guess he could sense the weird funk I was in over the phone. All of a sudden he asked me if I could come to Spain… and come in two weeks. He said that Toyota had just gotten him a big apartment and he could get me a job with Mercedes moving cars. I thought about it for a few minutes… and could not really come up with a reason not to. So the next day I quit my job, put my car up for sale, and started to pack. I was happy to run from my problems.

A week later he called me again, this time apologizing profusely, he told me that Toyota was now sending him to Argentina, and that he was not really sure what I could do there. Well, seeing that I already burned some serious bridges, I told him I would meet him in BA. When you don’t have a plan, anything and everything can and will happen. He was supposed to be in Argentina for a year, but, what actually happened was quite different. My friend did one race and wrecked the car, I guess Toyota was upset and sent him back to Spain. So there I was alone in Argentina, without a job, a vocab of about 4 words in Spanish, and carrying enough emotional baggage from Arizona to break a person. I bounced around Argentina for the next two months like a backpacker, partying with a friend every night until eventually I ran completely out of money. When that happened I was living in a hostel in Cordoba Argentina, smoking huge abouts of weed, cigarettes, doing drugs and hanging out with the local scum. It seemed moving to this place was worse then what I was doing back home. Once again I could feel myself going down a path that was obviously going nowhere. Well when it came time to go home and face the music, I could not do it. I was ashamed of myself. I did not learn a word of Spanish, I was even more addicted to drugs, and I spent the little savings I had. So I did nothing, I slept in that day, my ticked expired, and I found myself stuck in some shit hole in Cordoba.

Well I could write a book about what happened over the last few years since my plane ticket expired, but I will try to keep it short. A month or so later, a friend I had made gave me a book that talked about some of the same ideas I have seen on your website. I read it, then I read it again… and one more time just to be sure what I was reading sank in. This book talked about how you make your own reality with the thoughts that are going on in your head. It broke down the concept of how people create things, will, passion, and desire until it seemed so simple and clear. All of a sudden it seemed that for the first time in years I remembered that I make shit happen; shit doesn’t just happen to me. I took that advice seriously, I made a list of all the things I hated about myself, and I was determined to fix all of them. I quit smoking cigarettes, weed, and quit drinking just to make sure I would not get drunk and slip into my old habits. I kept a journal and wrote in it every night about what happened that day and what my dreams for the future were. It was amazing what happened in that journal, I would quit smoking.. then start again a few days later… then read what I wrote and how I felt about it… and it made me even more determined. All in all it took 3 months to completely stop all the drugs and smoking… and I could read about the entire process in a little book I kept just to remind me not to do it again. I started running in the mornings to help clear myself out and feel better.

After I accomplished some of my goals… I became even more motivated. I started studying Spanish for an hour a day… It sounds logical being that I’m in Argentina … but for me it was about coming face to face with a problem I had since my college days, I hated studying… especially Spanish. Next I started thinking of ways to make money, I made a decision that I would stay for a year and learn Spanish, so I made a plan to start a little company and try to earn dollars, enough to keep me afloat for a year. My first idea was to sell Art, I started a company called ArtArgentina exporting art online. Well I could not afford to have someone do the website, so I read a ton of articles online about e-commerce and CMS, it helps that I was sort of a computer nerd in my free time. Well I made an amazing site, but unfortunately did not sell a single piece of art. Usually at this point I would quit, but this time I had this new motivation, and all I could think about was having my own business and staying for one year, overcoming the things the normally keep me from moving forward. Like magic someone saw my website, and instead of wanting art, they asked if I could build them a site. Well I built that site, and they paid me well, after that I built a site for the hostel that had been letting me stay without paying that whole time, and they took care of my bill, and even gave me some spending money. Well I kept building sites and all of a sudden I was doing what I wanted, I was playing around with computers and getting paid for it, not much but thankfully its not too expensive to live here. Well, that was a year and a half ago… now my little company has a full time in house staff and a few investors. We work with companies developing creative solutions, covering design, Drupal CMS, ERP, CRM, e-commerce and more. I speak Spanish now, haha not the best but its fun. 2007 is going to be an amazing year, we have made more sales this month then the last 4 months of 06.

I just want to say anything is possible if you are passionate about it. At times we lose the plot, and life gets hard, but sometimes the hard times are just what we need to search out the solutions to our problems, and motivate us enough to do the amazing.

Hope this helps someone.

My Intentions!!!! Abundance career family financial freedom Happiness health joy Life love money Peace

May 12th, 2015

Just see the article from 10000thoughts:

Hi my name is Mikkel C Franz and I am so happy and grateful. for my daughter, my life, that I saw the Seceret, everything really!!!!!!!!!My intention is to now Purchase a Unit 2703 at Get all Blythe’s legal stuff done and put her on my insurance and move her and the mom to Portland. She is my amazing daugher and it’s a long story but I need a lot of money to get things in order. I’d like $22,000,000 in Wells Fargo bank account!Yeah, that’s my favorite number.:-)Aim high! I want to live in abudance. A serious relationship ( I deserve that!) 🙂 Travel to St. Thomas, Alantis, Greece, Rome, Miami and more, See Tony Robbins! Start a business! Better relations with all close friends and family! Give more to others and charity! This is a first for me putting all my intentions out for others to see!!! I added one of my favorite websites below too…I am envokeing the Law Of Attraction by putting all my intentions..Thanks for taking time. I really appreciate it!!!!I have a vision board and unwaivering faith that I can manifest all this and so much more.

If you want to help you can put $1.00 or whatever you can spare into my Wells Fargo account 9533969862 Oregon. 🙂 I’d truely appreciate anything to help make my intentions reality!!!


I am so so so greatful!!!!! I am so Thankful!!! 🙂

Supporting Actions:

Gratitude is the key!!!!!!