How Are You Affected If You Require Replacement Pass Ports

January 2nd, 2016

Things happen and sometimes one of those things causes you to need replacement American passports. Maybe yours was stolen or lost. Maybe it fell into the active volcano while you were flying over in a helicopter or into the ocean while on an ocean liner.

When Did You Lose It?

It isn’t a terrible problem if you are not planning to go anywhere soon and you are safe at home when you discover the loss. But that isn’t likely to happen. Even if you are at home, you won’t have plenty of time because you probably won’t discover the loss until it’s almost time to leave on your long anticipated trip. In all likelihood, you will have made your reservations and bought your airline tickets and your Eurail passes and festival tickets. You will have done your shopping for travel clothes and walking shoes. You probably won’t get the little books out until it’s time to pack. Suddenly you discover to your dismay that they aren’t where they are supposed to be. Or maybe all but one is there. You start ransacking the house in an exercise of futility. This will continue until you remember that little Rudolph took yours to school for show-and-tell and never brought it back.

Fill Out The Proper Forms

Someday you will learn that three years ago, little Rudolph took the cute little book to school for show-and-tell and never brought it back. Since finding it is now a lost cause you will need to hasten down to the closest passport agency or acceptance facility. Fill out the forms D 64 and D 11. These are the same forms for a replacement passports.