It’s Almost As Dangerous As Being A Chronic Smoker: Having Little To No Friends

January 15th, 2016

While I can see that people who are socially inadequate might have fewer friends, I don’t think this is true of all people. I think that it’s the quality of all of the relationships that you do have that makes the difference in health. If you have 1 or 2 great friends, a romantic partner, colleagues, and family, and all of those relationships are satisfying, I don’t think it matters healthwise what number of friends you have.

What constitutes as “poor social connections” and “strong social connections”? The title says Having Little to No Friends. But what about people with lots of “friends,” but secretly, they can’t stand them, and are posionous to eachother? Is that a “strong social connection” simply because they have more friends? What about the people with fewer friends, but have strong, caring, and true friendships with them? Is that a “poor social connection” simply because they have fewer friends?

I think “social connections” in this context refers to a meaningful social life (family, great rapport with friends, going out a lot.. it is variable due to different individual needs). While some extroverts may need quantity, a great family may be sufficient for the introvert (no stereotyping intended). It is based on the individual reflection of the person interviewed/surveyed and their social needs in accordance to their culture. In some cultures, people tend to have better familial ties, while others focus more on friendship.

I totally agree with this. I am happier and feel better when my social needs are met… which is quite a basic idea.

Caroline nailed it.

Quite frankly, the people that I know with “lots” of “friends” are the ones who are constantly having some sort of drama. It’s always the classic, “he said, she said” type of situation.

My take on it is, the less people you allow into your personal space, the less mess there is to clean up later.