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May 12th, 2015

Just see the article from 10000thoughts:

Hi my name is Mikkel C Franz and I am so happy and grateful. for my daughter, my life, that I saw the Seceret, everything really!!!!!!!!!My intention is to now Purchase a Unit 2703 at Get all Blythe’s legal stuff done and put her on my insurance and move her and the mom to Portland. She is my amazing daugher and it’s a long story but I need a lot of money to get things in order. I’d like $22,000,000 in Wells Fargo bank account!Yeah, that’s my favorite number.:-)Aim high! I want to live in abudance. A serious relationship ( I deserve that!) 🙂 Travel to St. Thomas, Alantis, Greece, Rome, Miami and more, See Tony Robbins! Start a business! Better relations with all close friends and family! Give more to others and charity! This is a first for me putting all my intentions out for others to see!!! I added one of my favorite websites below too…I am envokeing the Law Of Attraction by putting all my intentions..Thanks for taking time. I really appreciate it!!!!I have a vision board and unwaivering faith that I can manifest all this and so much more.

If you want to help you can put $1.00 or whatever you can spare into my Wells Fargo account 9533969862 Oregon. 🙂 I’d truely appreciate anything to help make my intentions reality!!!


I am so so so greatful!!!!! I am so Thankful!!! 🙂

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Gratitude is the key!!!!!!