Pinched nerve in neck, what about it

May 13th, 2015

Have you been experiencing neck pain in the recent past or for a long time now? Then you may have to consider the possibility of a pinched nerve neck. I now think the main question you have right now is, what is this health problem?

First, I think it is important to establish what a nerve is; a nerve is a strand that is responsible for the conduction of impulses in the body and they are thousands of them in the body. Nerves’ main responsibility is to connect the brain, which is like the processor of the body, with the rest of the body. These strands are the ones in action when you touch, feel pain as well as when hunger pang bite. How do you therefore distinguish a pinched neck pain from any other neck pain? The symptoms mainly are pain which originates from the neck but then seems to be extended to the rest of the body. It can be a single part of the body or the entire body depending on the pinched nerve cord.

If it is the nerve from the arms to the neck, then your arms, palms and finger will be affected. Actually, this is the main symptom that should cause ring an alarm of a pinched neck nerve. The other signs to look out for are numbness or a pricking sensation, failure of the sense of touch and weakness in the affected area. It is therefore advised that, should you experience these symptoms, it is only right to seek expert advice, in short, consult a doctor. At the doctor’s place, make sure you answer all the questions the doctor will ask right as they will be the pathway for the doctor to establish if it is a pinched in the neck. To ascertain if it is pinched, they might also vary out an x-ray or other test like the magnetic resonance imaging, MRI.

Cause and treatments

There are several causes for this condition. Here we will only go through some, which are the most common. The first is herniated disks. Nerves are contained in the skeletal bones, in case one of the cervical disks slightly moves out of place, then the result is pressure on the nerve cord. The spinal cord is the main housing for the nerve cords in the neck, sometime; this housing can be narrow hence squeezing the nerves. Sometimes, these bones of the spinal cord can abnormally grow. This will also result to pinched neck nerves. The treatments include rest, medication, physical therapy and for the most complicated cases, surgery. It is the duty of the doctor to prescribe the method appropriate and it is dependent on the severity of the condition. So, to be on the safe side, make sure you visit a doctor as soon as you register any of the symptoms. This is based on the fact that, as the condition remains unaddressed, the more severe it gets.