Roasting Almonds are good for you

May 12th, 2015

Among the large family of nuts, almonds are not merely the nuts that taste quite rich and exquisite but almonds surely have quite a lot of health benefits as well. So are Almonds are good for you? While the ideal time to get some fresh nuts is around the mid of summer, but otherwise they can actually be obtained throughout the year as packaged products. Thus, when wanting purely fresh almonds, summer is indeed the ideal time to not only buy the nuts but also to roast them because it truly enhances their flavor and makes them even more delicious to eat. Don’t sweat it if you are not aware about how they can be roasted because here you can find out.

Roasting almonds is merely in order to enhance their flavor and outlook making them more preferable to be eaten. As basic as the roasting can be, it is quite a strategic recipe that would have to be followed step by step.

The essential ingredients:

The ideal ingredients that are required to follow this recipe and roast the nuts include:

  • Raw almonds with their shells,
  • Butter or margarine,
  • A baking tray,
  • Salt,
  • Aluminum foil.

The procedure:

The process of roasting almonds is quite convenient and easy to follow, thus if done right, you would easily be able to prepare roasted these nuts.

  • The first step regarding the preparation of almonds is to put approximately a half cup of them into a baking tray.
  • After spreading them over the baking tray which has to be covered with the aluminum foil before the almonds are placed. It is quite important to properly arrange them so that each and every almond is properly roasted.
  • Three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for you to bake the nuts in an oven for almost around eight or ten minutes till they are properly roasted.
  • Once the time is up, you can then remove the tray from the oven and then form a pouch from the aluminum sheet by pulling the edges together so that they do not get burnt by the heated pan.
  • Lastly all you need to do is to salt the almonds according to your taste and cool them before they are ready to be eaten.

Microwave procedure:

There is no reason to fret if you do not have an oven because they can even be roasted in a microwave with a little variation in the baking method.

The main process of roasting them in a microwave oven is quite similar to the above, except for the fact that you have to add a tablespoon of either margarine or butter over the almonds spread on the baking tray.

The heating time is also lesser for this microwave method and the almonds have to be roasted merely for four or five minutes with a medium heating for the first two minutes and then continue the roasting procedure at a low heat.

Constant stirring can prevent these nuts from burning too.

Thus, whichever method you choose, both are ideal for roasting them.