Sometimes we lose the plot

May 12th, 2015


Bart, 10,000 Thoughts is a very cool site. I like the idea, I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill about two years ago when I was broke sitting in a hostel in Cordoba Argentina. It talks about intention and magnifying your thoughts or ideas until they become real. So I will tell you my story and maybe you’ll get a kick out of it.

I’m 24 now, and I run an Internet company…But before all this happened I was in a pretty terrible state… This “book” or way of thought, helped me overcome so many things it was amazing. The things I have accomplished in the last two years are what the old me would call impossible.

So the background story: I’m from Scottsdale Arizona, I used to study economics at ASU, but honestly I was a horrible student. I studied for three years trying to get into the WP Cary school of business inside of Arizona State University. Looking back, I gave it a half-assed effort, I partied, I met a girl who was horrible for me, smoked a lot of pot, and failed my Spanish class 4 times… dropping my GPA to 2.0 which was never going to get me into my economics program. Well.. needless to say I didn’t make it. A few years later and so much drama you would not believe passed and all of sudden I found myself working a hot-dog cart with an uncle at night, and a sales job at a retail cell phone store during the day… I hated my life, I was heart broken after breaking up with the girl I met in collage and spent 3 years with, my parents got divorced and moved to separate parts of the city… I hate cell-phones, everything was wrong, my little world had fallen apart big time. I honestly felt like a complete failure, and had no idea what to do about it.

Then something crazy happened, a friend from high school called me out of the blue one day after I just got off work. This friend is one of those amazing people who right away knows what they want and are not afraid to chase it. When we got out of HS he went to race cars. He races for BMW now, but on the day he called me he was in Spain racing for Toyota. We talked for a bit and he asked me about my life… and I guess he could sense the weird funk I was in over the phone. All of a sudden he asked me if I could come to Spain… and come in two weeks. He said that Toyota had just gotten him a big apartment and he could get me a job with Mercedes moving cars. I thought about it for a few minutes… and could not really come up with a reason not to. So the next day I quit my job, put my car up for sale, and started to pack. I was happy to run from my problems.

A week later he called me again, this time apologizing profusely, he told me that Toyota was now sending him to Argentina, and that he was not really sure what I could do there. Well, seeing that I already burned some serious bridges, I told him I would meet him in BA. When you don’t have a plan, anything and everything can and will happen. He was supposed to be in Argentina for a year, but, what actually happened was quite different. My friend did one race and wrecked the car, I guess Toyota was upset and sent him back to Spain. So there I was alone in Argentina, without a job, a vocab of about 4 words in Spanish, and carrying enough emotional baggage from Arizona to break a person. I bounced around Argentina for the next two months like a backpacker, partying with a friend every night until eventually I ran completely out of money. When that happened I was living in a hostel in Cordoba Argentina, smoking huge abouts of weed, cigarettes, doing drugs and hanging out with the local scum. It seemed moving to this place was worse then what I was doing back home. Once again I could feel myself going down a path that was obviously going nowhere. Well when it came time to go home and face the music, I could not do it. I was ashamed of myself. I did not learn a word of Spanish, I was even more addicted to drugs, and I spent the little savings I had. So I did nothing, I slept in that day, my ticked expired, and I found myself stuck in some shit hole in Cordoba.

Well I could write a book about what happened over the last few years since my plane ticket expired, but I will try to keep it short. A month or so later, a friend I had made gave me a book that talked about some of the same ideas I have seen on your website. I read it, then I read it again… and one more time just to be sure what I was reading sank in. This book talked about how you make your own reality with the thoughts that are going on in your head. It broke down the concept of how people create things, will, passion, and desire until it seemed so simple and clear. All of a sudden it seemed that for the first time in years I remembered that I make shit happen; shit doesn’t just happen to me. I took that advice seriously, I made a list of all the things I hated about myself, and I was determined to fix all of them. I quit smoking cigarettes, weed, and quit drinking just to make sure I would not get drunk and slip into my old habits. I kept a journal and wrote in it every night about what happened that day and what my dreams for the future were. It was amazing what happened in that journal, I would quit smoking.. then start again a few days later… then read what I wrote and how I felt about it… and it made me even more determined. All in all it took 3 months to completely stop all the drugs and smoking… and I could read about the entire process in a little book I kept just to remind me not to do it again. I started running in the mornings to help clear myself out and feel better.

After I accomplished some of my goals… I became even more motivated. I started studying Spanish for an hour a day… It sounds logical being that I’m in Argentina … but for me it was about coming face to face with a problem I had since my college days, I hated studying… especially Spanish. Next I started thinking of ways to make money, I made a decision that I would stay for a year and learn Spanish, so I made a plan to start a little company and try to earn dollars, enough to keep me afloat for a year. My first idea was to sell Art, I started a company called ArtArgentina exporting art online. Well I could not afford to have someone do the website, so I read a ton of articles online about e-commerce and CMS, it helps that I was sort of a computer nerd in my free time. Well I made an amazing site, but unfortunately did not sell a single piece of art. Usually at this point I would quit, but this time I had this new motivation, and all I could think about was having my own business and staying for one year, overcoming the things the normally keep me from moving forward. Like magic someone saw my website, and instead of wanting art, they asked if I could build them a site. Well I built that site, and they paid me well, after that I built a site for the hostel that had been letting me stay without paying that whole time, and they took care of my bill, and even gave me some spending money. Well I kept building sites and all of a sudden I was doing what I wanted, I was playing around with computers and getting paid for it, not much but thankfully its not too expensive to live here. Well, that was a year and a half ago… now my little company has a full time in house staff and a few investors. We work with companies developing creative solutions, covering design, Drupal CMS, ERP, CRM, e-commerce and more. I speak Spanish now, haha not the best but its fun. 2007 is going to be an amazing year, we have made more sales this month then the last 4 months of 06.

I just want to say anything is possible if you are passionate about it. At times we lose the plot, and life gets hard, but sometimes the hard times are just what we need to search out the solutions to our problems, and motivate us enough to do the amazing.

Hope this helps someone.


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  • Donagh says on: May 12, 2015 at 7:18 am


    Good Times Quite a life story, and your all of 24. I’m sure you are familiar with the story told about an old Scottish chieftain call Robert the Bruce. He found himself hiding in a cave in the Western Isles of Scotland, on the run from English troops. He had led a number of attempts to try and overthrow the armies that were controling his country. The legend goes that he became inspired by a spider whom he watched as a fire warmed the cave. Many times the spider tried to climb along his spidery web from the floor to the almost unachievable roof of the cave. The spider never gave up. Many times just inches from the summit it slipped floorwards. After many attempts the spider reached its goal. Afterwards Robert the Bruce decided he would try just one more time to banish the English from his homeland. He succeded and is revered as a great hero in that county. Its an old story told in many cultures in many different ways. You have lived the story of the spider and may repeat it many times in your fulfilling life. We should all take a lesson from you and the spiders. Spiders of the world unite! Good Luck