Symptoms and Remedies of Throat Infection

January 18th, 2016

Everyone must be familiar with the term throat infection. This is a very common problem and almost everyone has experienced some sort of throat infection in some point in time. The different types of throat infection are strep throat, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

Throat infection is the irritation caused in the throat and it usually causes discomfort and pain. Tonsils can become worse during an infection and this can lead to breathing problems. Throat infection can lead to many different problems. Swallowing can become painful and difficult during such infection and many times this inflammation in the throat can be accompanied by cough and fever.

Changes in weather conditions usually cause throat infections. Many people are allergic to dust, animals or pollens that can also lead to the severe irritation in the throat. The other common reasons for the throat infections are pollution and smoke that makes the throat problems even worse.

Many times, the throat infections are due to virus. These viral throat infections are contagious in nature in that they can be transferred from one person to another through sneezing or coughing. The other kind of throat infection is bacterial and it is called Strep throat since the bacteria named streptococcus cause it. Some of the home remedies for the throat infections are salt water, ginger, soup, garlic, basil, tea, turmeric, honey and bland food. Bland food is easier to swallow and is better for the infected throat than the spicy food. Ginger is very good for the throat infections. It provides a soothing effect if you have ginger tea with a sore throat. Soup and tea are also very soothing in case of an infected throat and these drinks do not need to be swallowed. Throat infections are not harmful if you control it from the very beginning. As soon as you feel that your throat is being infected, use home remedies mentioned above in order to avoid it from becoming harmful.

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