The Most Common Cause of Blood in Stool: Hemorrhoids

March 25th, 2016

Despite the fact that you were probably worried about cancer, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, the most common cause of bloody poop is hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles.  The majority of the adult population will suffer at some point although some will have worse discomfort than others.  It is not unknown for women to first have them when they are pregnant and still be suffering when their grandchildren are born.

A pile is formed when something goes wrong with the veins in your anus.  It is similar to what happens when you suffer a varicose vein in your leg.  The vein swells up and as there isn’t a lot of room in your anus, this is one reason why even small piles can cause problems.

Hemorrhoids treatment includes everything from taking salt baths to having surgery.   You can help yourself by drinking more water and eating a high fiber diet.  This will not cure an existing problem but it will help to soften the stool and also relieve constipation.  In turn this will prevent you straining to open your bowels and making the problem worse.

If you find that the itching is driving you crazy, you can apply some ointment or insert some suppositories.  There are some which should only be used at night which is when the itch is likely to be the worst.  Personal hygiene is always important but particularly when you have this problem.  Hemorrhoids treatment involves touching your anus and it goes without saying that your hands need to be properly washed afterwards.

Some treatments are effective at reducing the annoying itch and relieving the pain.  Others will actually cure hemorrhoids.  If you suffer from piles, check out how people just like you got rid of their hemorrhoids here.

For less than the price of a night out you can find out how to rid yourself of this problem once and for all. There is no risk on your part as if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the book within 60 days and get a full refund.

If you look at the system you will find that it is a completely natural step by step hemorrhoids treatment plan.  There is no surgery involved and no medication.   Holly isn’t a doctor but was once where you are now i.e. a chronic hemorrhoid sufferer.  Through trial and error and desperation on her part, she found a way to cure hemorrhoids. In fact she gives details of at least ten different instant relief remedies that will help.  It worked for her and for those who have submitted their stories, pictures and all.