Tonsil Stones Removal Review

August 29th, 2014

In some cases where Tonsilloliths become very large, they need to be surgically removed using curettes and probably removing the tonsils themselves. However, this eventuality can be avoided if people take some precautions early on, and using tonsil stones removal products is one of them. Here we review on what we think to be one of the most effective products in how to remove these annoying stones.

Dr. Katz’s Tonsil Stones Deluxe Kit

This Deluxe Kit is developed by the Bad Breath Guru, Dr. Harold Katz, who has made numerous appearances on television for bad breath related advice, including on the CBS Early Show and The View. This product includes a whole range of products that work for getting rid of Tonsilloliths. Hence, these are not just products; they are a complete oral hygiene program which provides removal options as one of the prime benefits.

The main product in the range is Active Oxygen, which along with the other important product in this range, the Nasal Sinus Drops, is extremely effective in eliminating the Tonsilloliths completely and effectively. There is also an oxygenating spray available in the kit that can be used to exterminate any anaerobic bacteria in the mouth. These anaerobic bacteria can produce sulfur in the mouth, which can give an odor of rotting eggs. Removing these ensures that the tonsil stones are removed and also the occurrence of bad breath is effectively thwarted.

Complete Protection with the Deluxe Kit

The best part about the kit is that it is not just a product meant for the removal of the tonsilloliths but for complete oral hygiene. The kit contains, apart from the removal products, toothpaste and an oral rinse, both from Dr. Katz’s brand TheraBreath. These products are specially engineered to maintain the health of the teeth and gums and for oral hygiene, which are surefire solutions for preventing bad breath.

At a price of $92 for the entire kit, this product range is definitely worth every cent. You can definitely use this kit for removing your ungainly stones and save hundreds of dollars that you would otherwise need to spend on a tonsillectomy.


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