When you made healthy dietary changes, how did your partner react

January 15th, 2016

When my doctor ordered me to lose weight or face early death (I am 51), I decided to start eating healthier, one step at a time, and started walking. My husband thought it was just a “phase”, that I wasn’t really serious. Once he learned I was dead serious, after a year of eating healthy and losing 60 lbs., I was seen as a “threat” and a “bore” because I want to eat healthy and only eat junk/fast food in moderation. He could benefit from better eating habits too since he is borderline diabetic, has high cholesterol, and high blood pressure; he is not overweight. I invited him to join me on walks, which he seldom does. He says my “healthy” stuff – fresh fruits, vegetables costs too much. I told him that the money we try to save by eating junk is money we later have to spend going to the doctor to fix what could have been prevented by taking care of our bodies. I wonder if the real reason he feels threatened by me losing weight is that I may become marketable to other men, which might cause me to leave him. I assured him that this won’t happen.

I’ve attempted changing our diet to a more healthier one like TLC, but we tend to both be a bit stubborn. I have a hard time making a meal without meat, and he won’t try fish. He’s also a chocoholic so even if I get him a little bit for a holiday, it’s all gone in minutes. Trying to get him to go out on walks is like pulling teeth because he doesn’t think “just walking” does anything for you. So I’m stuck trying to do it on my own which makes it even harder. So I know how you feel Yung@heart =) and we are even a young couple, we are supposed to be able to talk through these things and not be set in our ways.

My husband was supportive of, if not participating in, my diet changes when I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2003. Then two years later, he had to have an angioplasty for clogged arteries. Suddenly we were on the same page! Healthy eating for all!

Alas, it did not last. Since his Lipitor has brought his cholesterol down to very good levels (his LDL is 40!!) he feels he can eat anything again, while still trying to support my good decisions. It’s hard when he feels that he can bake a huge pan of brownies for himself and our two overweight teens, and I’m still going to be good on my diet. Challenging to say the least.

But we struggle on….

While I was shedding 52 lbs during an 8 month period of time back in 2004 my husband brought every kind of snack/junk food in the house! What did I do about it? We STILL snacked but made adjustments-instead of regular chips we ate baked ones or more salsa instead of creamy dip. If we made dip, it was with non fat plain yogurt instead of sour cream. We ate out ALL the time and had a BLAST at social events! How? I ate a piece of fruit or a small salad before we left, had a tall glass of water prior to the meal, and made careful choices at restaurants and gatherings. Did I have coffee and dessert? Yes, but I’d eat half there and take half home. If the entree was sizeable, I IMMEDIATELY asked for a doggie bag and put half the food away to take home for another meal. This CAN be done folks without “ruining” your life, relationships, and friendships! Have a BALL with these ideas and keep your love life intact while shedding those unwanted lbs!