Why uterine cancer pain?

May 19th, 2015

Uterine cancer is the most common female cancer, second only to breast cancer. Uterine cancer, including cancer and cancer-Miyazawa, both about 3-5:1.

Cervical cancer by histology can be divided into squamous cell carcinoma and two types of cancer, cervical squamous cell carcinoma often, accounting for about 95 percent of cervical cancer. On its course of development can be divided into: carcinoma in situ, early invasive and invasive. Uterine cancer body structure mostly adenocarcinoma, a small number of uterine cancer in the body may be associated with squamous cell components.Uterine-cancer and cervical cancer compared to slower growth, the shift was relatively late. Uterine cancer diagnosis and CT can be used to make ultra-B.

First, the cause of uterine cancer pain:

1), the tumor itself caused by the pain: As the rapidly growing tumor is coated tension increased uterine bleeding caused pain.

2), uterine cancer caused by the transfer involved tissues or organs such as lymph nodes, and so on peritoneal pain.

3), the pain caused by cancer treatment: surgery, radiation therapy, and so on, may intervene in the treatment of pain.

4), or psychological pain caused by other factors.

Second, the mechanism of uterine cancer pain: invasive cancer or violations of blood vessels, nerves, lymphatic vessels, soft tissue, bone tissue or organs, or to stimulate their oppression, which caused pain. Tumor cell growth process some of the pain caused by chemical substances cause pain.